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Winter Sucks. These Tools to Protect Fine Hair Don’t

“Gee I just love how damaging the frigid temps can be to my fine hair. Bring on the negative degrees!” Said:¬† No….One….Ever! Winter time is for the birds (and even they have sense enough to fly south for the season). The high winds that accompany winter are very harmful to all hair types but especially […]

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These Items are The Best Tools for Fine Natural Hair

Hair tools can be downright damaging for those of us with fine natural hair. There are so many hair tools available on the market¬†that are supposed to make caring for your hair a lot easier. Various types of combs & brushes, bob pins, hair steamers, conditioning caps, flat irons and more. I remember when I […]

Fine Afro Textured Natural Hair MUST HAVES

Afro textured hair is absolutely beautiful. Curly, wavy, oily, fine, thick – it doesn’t matter. The different textures are unique to each head of hair. Yet, for all of it’s beauty, it can be what some would consider high maintenance! Of course, that’s subjective. What you consider high maintenance may be totally different from what […]