curl recovery

How I Repaired “Damaged” Curls from 2011-2016

I started my natural hair journey without having a clue how to manage my curls or care for my hair. Nearly 15 years later and my curls are poppin’ like pin pricked bubbles! A little over a month ago, a reader asked me what I did to repair what appeared to be damaged curls. She wanted to […]

heat and straight hair

Are You Sure Your Hair’s Really Heat Damaged?

Straightening your hair regularly can cause heat damage. There’s no doubt about it. The use of flat irons and blow dryers can melt the cuticles of the hair causing what’s commonly known as heat damage. For some time now, I’ve also seen the term “heat training” being used for hair that’s normally curly or kinky […]

5 Products That Awaken “Sleeping” Curls

Ever feel like your curls are not as defined as they could be or should be? I’m not really talking about frizz. Frizz is a temporary condition easily fixed by re-hydrating the hair. What I’m talking about is curls that appear to be limp, loose or lack luster (say that three times!). It may be […]

Natural Hair Texture Change After Straightening

I’ve been trying to write this post ever since Monday but I haven’t been able to focus.  My sweet cat of just 6 short years died on Monday suddenly. I still can’t stop crying. However, keeping my mind occupied with writing helps so here’s a post I’ve been trying to get out for a few days. After […]