Maracuja Oil

Why I Stopped Doing Hot Oil Treatments

Warm, fragrant oil making its way down your scalp to the base of your neck. Ahhhh….Aint nobody got time for that! While hot oil treatments are great for people struggling with specific concerns, they are pretty much a thing of the past for me. ┬áBefore I share why, let’s examine some of the benefits of […]

hair products I can do without

5 Hair Products I Can Do Without

You’ll find articles all over the net of women sharing their favorite hair products. In general, us women love to share the things that just make us it hair products or something else. Conversely, we also share things that we can definitely pass on. Well, that’s what I’m about to do. Share! This here […]

natural oils

The Many (and Mighty) Ways to Use Oils on Natural Hair

Oils are one of your hair’s #1 protector – preferably natural oils. Next to your conditioner, I’d say it’s the most important product in your hair care regimen. Why? Natural oils accomplish so many tasks for your hair. Let’s examine them. Lubricating Another word that can be used simultaneously for oils is lubricants. Oils lubricate […]

q-redew deep steaming natural hair

Why Steaming Should Be Part of Your Natural Hair Regimen

NY winters are just brutal but winter weather in any part of the world is harsh on natural hair (all hair actually). Protective styling helps to prevent your hair from becoming dried out and brittle. However, suppose you don’t feel like protective styling 24-7 during the colder months? Steaming is a great way to protect […]