removing tangles and knots from natural hair

Easy Peasy Detangling & Knot Removal

I have found the BEST product for removing knots and tangles from my natural hair. I have tried oils and conditioner solo and combined. They work well but this here product from Shea Moisture just does it all! The funny thing is I actually stumbled upon using this product. I initially purchased it to remove […]

preventing single strand knots natural hair

Tips to Prevent Pesky Single Strand Knots

When you’re relaxed, your hair has its own set of challenges like keeping it moisturized. ¬†When you decided to get natural, a new set of challenges came along including keeping single strand knots¬†(also known as fairy knots) at bay. Last week I read an article on Curly Nikki called Tips on Detangling The Worst Knots. […]