Cleansing Fine Natural Hair for Length Retention

After the pre-poo, it’s time to cleanse your hair. There are many ways to get hair clean: shampooing, mud-washing, co-washing, clarifying, and apple cider vinegar cleansing. For the purpose of cleansing fine natural hair thoroughly, the one thing to keep in mind is you want to maintain some of your natural oils. You never want your […]

How to Maintain Length and Density on Fine Hair

One of the biggest challenges of having fine natural hair (or just fine hair in general) is styling it in a way that looks full and voluminous. Then, there may be concerns over maintaining one’s length. When looking to achieve length and/or density, you have to look at each goal separately but also jointly. Fine hair […]

Welcome to Fine Natural Hair and Faith

For the past few months I’ve been wondering what it is that I should be sharing here on this blog (formerly Radiant Brown Beauty). I was writing posts and sharing articles on all topics related to beauty but there was really no focus. The truth be told, I don’t know about all things beauty and […]

Those Who Have Helped My Natural Hair This Year

Toward the end of each year I write a post sharing lessons I learned about my hair throughout the year. This year I decided to share something a little different. Toward the end of each year I write a post sharing lessons I learned about my hair natural hair throughout the year. (Check out last […]

8 Protective Styling Ideas for Length Retention

It’s no secret that protective styling helps with length retention. How you protective style however, can determine if you retain 20%, 50%, 80% or 90% more healthy length. Add the challenge of these cold, frigid temperatures to the mix and protective styling is pretty popular right now. That’s because as the weather gets colder, we have […]