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What I Learned About My Natural Hair in 2013

Lessons of discovery – natural hair and what makes/keeps it healthy January is all about new beginnings and what better way to start the year off than to reflect on what you learned from the previous year? Since this is a beauty blog, let’s start with hair! Before I get into it, check out this fun review […]

Must Have Accessories for Chic Protective Styling

It’s protective styling season. Well, it’s winter. There really is no special “season” to protective style your hair. It’s just more common in the winter since the cold temps can wreak havoc on our tresses. And so, we protective style. I like protective styling but if you are like me and struggle with #HairADD, you may […]

baggy method vs green house effect

The Baggy Method vs The Green House Effect Method

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about the difference between the Baggy Method and the Green House Effect. While I can see the blurred lines between the two, there are definitely some differences in the two hair care methods so I figured an answer to the question would make for a good post! Below […]

hair growth problems

Your Hair Growth Is Not The Problem

Length retention is. Unless you have some form of a disease that stunt’s your growth, your hair is growing. If you have ever had a relaxer, you know that “new growth” sprouts out within less than 6 weeks. Yet, it may be that the length of you hair never appeared (or appears) to changed. It […]

detangling tips

Top 10 Detangling Tips for Length Retention

Let’s face it. Detangling your hair can be a chore. Sometimes you just don’t wanna! But…it’s inevitable. You have to let down your mane and get to detangling and removing shed hair….eventually. If you never detangled your hair, eventually it would just dred up. I’m not an expert on locs but I think the only reason […]

length retention

How Natural Hair Challenges Help With Length Retention

Image source unknown Every time you turn around, there’s a natural hair challenge going on – a Castor oil challenge, bun challenge, twists challenge, protective style or other challenge…it never ends! Well, there must be something to it. Ya think? I think. Regardless to the type, challenges force you to focus. In the case of […]