pre-poo products

3 Pre-Poo Products for Natural Hair

The Pre-poo is the most overlooked, forgotten or skipped part of hair care. It’s likely because people don’t realize the benefits. Before I share some tried and true pre-poo products for natural hair, let’s take a look at some reasons why you should not skip the pre-poo: 1- It’s the first step to moisturizing natural […]

fine natural hair wash and go

Most Voluminous Wash and Go Ever!

Fine hair sistas stand up! Our hair tends to lack volume with most styles. You are the exception if you have fine hair but have like 10 of them coming out of one hair follicle. (Sit down lol). For those with fine hair that tends to defy volume and struggles to look like something other […]

hue beauty and natural hair affair

Hue Beauty & Natural Hair Affair Recap

This past weekend, I ventured out to Brooklyn for the 2017 Hue Beauty & Natural Hair Affair. It was held at the Sheraton Hotel and sponsored by Natural Partners in Crime and The Mane Choice. The event was basically an all day natural hair shopping event conducted in two shifts, morning and afternoon. The first […]

alternative natural hair lines to shea moisture

3 Alternative Natural Hair Lines to Shea Moisture

You’ve heard the news all over. Shea Moisture has sold out those of us with kinkier curl patterns. I’m not surprised really. As most companies grow and try to capture every dollar on the planet, compromises take place. Someone is bound to get sold out. That’s the power of the almighty dollar. It’s sad really. […]