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Best Time to Use Glycerin to Moisturize Your Hair

When the temperatures begin to drop, that’s the time when most people get concerned about maintaining good moisture in their hair. That’s because hair can quickly become dehydrated in cold weather. In a matter of minutes, your hair can be as dry as the desert on hot day. Glycerin is a popular element for helping […]

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7 Ways to Get Moisture Into Natural Hair

Moisture moisture moisture! It’s like the melody of a great Gospel song; like the beautiful stitching that holds your leather bound Bible together. I just love descriptive analogies don’t you? When it comes to achieving or maintaining a healthy head of natural hair, you’v heard it before and it bears repeating. Moisture is key. Now, […]

thirsty roots apricot castor oil

Staple: Thirsty Roots Apricot Castor Oil

Natural oils are a natural girl’s best friend. They can be used for simple sealing to enhancing your other hair products. Lots of ladies just loooove Jamaican Black Castor Oil (aka “JBCO”). I used to use it for a while myself (currently using up what I have). The problem is the itchy scalp I would […]

whipped mango butter

My Natural Hair Staple: Mango Butter

One of the most important things you can do for your natural hair is keep it sealed with moisture. Moisturizing is the first step to keeping your hair, soft, pliable and unbreakable (well, nobody has absolutely no breakage but moisturized hair has much less). After moisturizing, then you have to seal in that moisture for […]

5 Products That Awaken “Sleeping” Curls

Ever feel like your curls are not as defined as they could be or should be? I’m not really talking about frizz. Frizz is a temporary condition easily fixed by re-hydrating the hair. What I’m talking about is curls that appear to be limp, loose or lack luster (say that three times!). It may be […]