tips for summertime moisturized hair

Summertime Tips to Keep Your Hair Moisturized

No matter where you are in the great US of A, hot temps are on the loom. Summer has always been coined “the growing season” for hair. While the humidity may do a number on your cute hairdo (unless it’s a wash and go; please don’t straighten your hair in the summer), it’s also the […]

moisturizing and sealing natural hair

How To: Moisturizing and Sealing Fine Natural Hair

You’ve made your best effort to finally try that hairstyle your favorite hair blogger did (like 9 months ago), only to discover little pieces of hair in your sink and on your shoulders. Maybe you’ve noticed it before but the breakage seems to have gotten worst. Let me help you out. Well moisturized hair is […]

fine natural hair

My 4 Hair Care Practices Professionals Disapprove Of

Just because someone is a licensed stylist or other hair care professional, doesn’t mean they are all knowing when it comes to every hair type and texture. That statement is not meant to throw shade at hair care professionals – especially those who know their stuff. On the contrary. A really good stylist can guide […]

after henna fine natural hair

The Power of Doing Just ONE Thing

Healthy hair. That’s every woman’s desire and goal. Sometimes it’s because we want longer hair but long hair isn’t necessarily the reason for maintaining healthy hair, although that’s often the result. For some, the reasons are more simple like: wanting hair that holds a style, simply shines or┬áradiates beauty naturally. Whatever your reason for wanting […]