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7 Ways to Get Moisture Into Natural Hair

Moisture moisture moisture! It’s like the melody of a great Gospel song; like the beautiful stitching that holds your leather bound Bible together. I just love descriptive analogies don’t you? When it comes to achieving or maintaining a healthy head of natural hair, you’v heard it before and it bears repeating. Moisture is key. Now, […]

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3 Pre-Poo Products for Natural Hair

The Pre-poo is the most overlooked, forgotten or skipped part of hair care. It’s likely because people don’t realize the benefits. Before I share some tried and true pre-poo products for natural hair, let’s take a look at some reasons why you should not skip the pre-poo: 1- It’s the first step to moisturizing natural […]

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So,This Happened…The Birth of Denser Curls

Volumized fine natural hair…Thicker and stronger I shared the above pic (over on the Instagram contrasting it with this one… Length used to be my goal. I was so focused on it and while having longer hair is still a goal of mine, having denser curls that are volumized is more of a goal. I […]

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Elongate Your Curls: 8 Ways

The shrinkage you get with having natural hair often interferes with how you ultimately want your hairstyle to look like.┬áSo when it comes to styling, the look you are seeking to achieve may require you to elongate your curls. As a matter of fact, you can change your natural hair definition to look a certain […]