Maracuja Oil

Why I Stopped Doing Hot Oil Treatments

Warm, fragrant oil making its way down your scalp to the base of your neck. Ahhhh….Aint nobody got time for that! While hot oil treatments are great for people struggling with specific concerns, they are pretty much a thing of the past for me.  Before I share why, let’s examine some of the benefits of […]

hair product ingredients

Royal Hair Treatment with Products from A-Z

Remember that post I wrote on being a hair mixtress when you find your hair products are costing you too much money? Well, today I’m giving you a list of DIY ingredients (from A to Z) to make your own hair products and to help ya out with your hair care needs. You’re welcome and here you go! […]

thirsty roots apricot castor oil

Staple: Thirsty Roots Apricot Castor Oil

Natural oils are a natural girl’s best friend. They can be used for simple sealing to enhancing your other hair products. Lots of ladies just loooove Jamaican Black Castor Oil (aka “JBCO”). I used to use it for a while myself (currently using up what I have). The problem is the itchy scalp I would […]

indian hair oil

Former Staple: Baidyanath Mahabhringraj Maka Oil

(Updated Aug 2016) A while back I decided to incorporate more herbal remedies (if you can call what I’m about to share, a remedy) into my hair care routine. Indian hair oil is one of those “remedies.” Indian women have the longest hair of any woman on earth. They care for their hair with very specific products […]