waiting on God

When Waiting on God Becomes a Chore

It’s been 3 years since you’ve prayed for a husband. 18 months since you’ve prayed for the money to buy your own home. 6 months since you’ve prayed for a new job. You’ve done all you know to do. You’ve fasted for one week a month. You’ve quoted the scriptures day in and day out. […]

christmas and honoring christ

4 Ways to Honor Christ this Season

Christmas trees, garland, shopping for presents, and singing Christmas carols. Drinking hot cocoa by the fire place and having dinner with family. That’s what most people do for Christmas. Yet while there’s nothing wrong with doing any of those things, they don’t represent the true meaning of Christmas which is Christ. Christ is the root […]


How to Start Your Day Off in Total Serenity

Living just outside of and working in the big city can really raise your stress levels. I thought I was coping pretty well. As a matter of fact, if you asked me on any given day if I was stressed, I would tell you “no.” Then, I received a shocking discovery that opened my eyes to a revelation […]

Do You Have A Special Place for Me Time?

Everyone needs some space for me time and a a place they can go to just get away from it all: Problems. Overwhelm. Responsibilities. Life. We all find ourselves starting out into the abyss from time to time trying to figure out how to make problems less stressful. The responsibilities of life in and out of the […]

how to make it through trouble

How to Make Trouble Less Stressful and Improve Your Life

WomensHealth.gov identifies the most common causes of stress: death of a loved one divorce financial problems illness marriage (isn’t that interesting?) pregnancy (say it aint so!) jail retirement Much of the stress associated with these trials of life can be dealt with so that your life is less stressful. But, first you must know that there’s almost always signs. […]