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3 Pre-Poo Products for Natural Hair

The Pre-poo is the most overlooked, forgotten or skipped part of hair care. It’s likely because people don’t realize the benefits. Before I share some tried and true pre-poo products for natural hair, let’s take a look at some reasons why you should not skip the pre-poo: 1- It’s the first step to moisturizing natural […]

speedy wash and go

Speedy Wash and Go Routine

This past weekend I went out of town for a mini-staycation. Prior to going, I knew I had to wash my hair because it was feeling dry and had a lot of product build up. Running short on time, I decided to short cut my routine by omitting my deep conditioning session (I know. Shame […]

pre-poo regimen for fine natural hair

3 Ways to PrePoo Fine Hair That Defy Breakage

The Pre-Poo is an essential step of the hair care regimen. When it comes to those of us with fine hair, the pre-poo is not just essential, it’s critical. Some ladies skip it unaware that much like oil therapy, it is the pre-poo that actually helps to protect the hair from breakage while undergoing all […]