3 Tips for a Better Wash Day

It’s been established that when it comes to caring for our natural hair, there’s no one size fits all approach. Yet, while that may be true, it has also been established that there are certain hair care practices that work for most hair types across the board. For one thing, none of us can get […]

Pre-Poo and Detangle

Pre-Wash Regimen for Curlier More Hydrated Hair

As time passes, things changes. That goes without saying for life and more importantly for hair. Yes I do have my prioritizes in order. In this video I share my new and improved pre-poo regimen. It leaves my hair well protected, curlier and super hydrated! I think I may have shared this in the past […]

Revised Pre-Poo and Finger Detangling Regimen

After 43 years of life on this earth, I’ve had some serious trials and tribulations when it comes to my hair. I’ve fried it, dyed it and almost crucified it. ┬áIt’s a wonder I have any hair to this day. Fortunately, it all starts new right out of the scalp and over time if you […]