stretched hair in a bun

Protective Styling in 6 Easy Steps

Protective styling natural hair is one the most talked about topics in the natural hair community. Most of the time length retention is the goal. Other times, laziness or lack of time available to do one’s hair is working behind the scenes. Whatever your reason for choosing to style your hair in protective styles, follow […]

How Over Manipulation of Natural Hair Causes Breakage

Natural hair is fragile by nature. Fine natural hair is even more fragile. That’s why when it comes to “handling” your hair, you must be gentle. Manipulation is necessary to care for, maintain and style your hair but over manipulation will cause breakage. If your goal is to grow your hair to the longest length possible, you […]

flat twists with roll protective style wash and go

Get the Look: Roll with Flat Twists Protective Style

It’s a major dilemma (OK probably not major) when you’re torn between your favorite go to hair style (for me, it’s the the wash and go) and the commitment to continue with protective styling. I’ve been engaging in protective styling for the past 3 weeks and in keeping with the commitment to share a month’s worth of […]