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Protective Styling in 6 Easy Steps

Protective styling natural hair is one the most talked about topics in the natural hair community. Most of the time length retention is the goal. Other times, laziness or lack of time available to do one’s hair is working behind the scenes. Whatever your reason for choosing to style your hair in protective styles, follow […]

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3 Low Manipulation Protective Styles for Fine Hair

When making the decision to utilize protective styling for length retention, you also need to make the decision on what types of protective styles will work best for your hair. Fine hair does best when handled less. Conversely, you don’t want to just “set it and forget it.” There’s three hairstyles in particular that I […]

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Updated Hair Regimen for MahoganyCurls Hair Growth Challenge

In my two month check in for MahoganyCurls Healthy Hair Growth Challenge, I shared my disappointment in the results I’ve achieved to date. It’s early enough in the challenge that I realize that some of the recommendations for participating in the challenge weren’t necessarily great for my hair. “Rules” (guidelines) for the challenge: – Wash […]

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How to Achieve Your Best Next Day Hair

You put all of your time into styling your hair. You want it to last for more than a day and sometimes next day hair can look better than first day hair. It all depends on how well you protect it at night. How well you maintain your hair at night is just one thing […]