snapping and breaking hair

When Fine Hair Begins to Snap, Crackle and Pop

You’ve got more than enough challenges to deal with when caring for your fine natural hair. The thin hairs are one thing and density issue is bad enough. Your hair can barely hold a style and now this. You certainly aren’t smiling like the Rice Krispie kids! Snap Hair is snapping off at the ends or even at the […]

Good Hair Habit #5 – Make a Date With Protein

Hair is composed of one main substance…protein. It’s not the only substance but it’s the predominant one, accounting for approximately 91 percent of your hair and made up of long chains of amino acids.* For fine haired naturals, doing regular protein treatments is a key for how to keep you hair healthy. Since I write from the perspective of […]

diy goat's milk hair conditioner

Staple: DIY Goat’s Milk Honey & Oils Conditioner Recipe

Fine hair needs protein. Many focus on moisture and neglect the fact that protein is just as important.  I’ve used numerous hair products for protein treatments but I must say that the DIY Goat’s Milk Recipe I got from Hairscapades is one of the best. I’ve since altered the recipe to suit my hair’s needs. I’ve […]

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17 Of My Best Fine Hair Care Tips

At the ripe young age of 46, I’ve finally discovered what my fine natural hair likes and doesn’t like. It’s summarized in the image above (go ahead, pin it) but now, allow me to  expound up each of these fine hair tips in detail (in no particular order): Ditch brushes forever. Seriously, If you want to keep […]