moisturizing high porosity hair

How to Moisturize & Seal High Porosity Hair

Just like low and medium porosity hair, high porosity hair needs moisture. The problem with high porosity hair is the moisture escapes quite easily. This post will share with you how to moisturize high porosity hair. Now, in the interest of disclosure I can not provide personal experiences as I don’t have high porosity hair. […]

moisturizing and sealing natural hair

How To: Moisturizing and Sealing Fine Natural Hair

You’ve made your best effort to finally try that hairstyle your favorite hair blogger did (like 9 months ago), only to discover little pieces of hair in your sink and on your shoulders. Maybe you’ve noticed it before but the breakage seems to have gotten worst. Let me help you out. Well moisturized hair is […]

moisturize and seal daily

Good Hair Habit #4 – Moisturize and Seal Daily

Good hair habit # 3 was to deep condition your hair weekly on wash day. Today’s habit is closely connected to yesterday’s because the subject of how to moisturize natural hair is the basis for both. It may seem that I’m working a little backwards by mentioning deep conditioning before moisturizing but there’s a reason for it. Because […]

thirsty roots apricot castor oil

Staple: Thirsty Roots Apricot Castor Oil

Natural oils are a natural girl’s best friend. They can be used for simple sealing to enhancing your other hair products. Lots of ladies just loooove Jamaican Black Castor Oil (aka “JBCO”). I used to use it for a while myself (currently using up what I have). The problem is the itchy scalp I would […]

whipped mango butter

My Natural Hair Staple: Mango Butter

One of the most important things you can do for your natural hair is keep it sealed with moisture. Moisturizing is the first step to keeping your hair, soft, pliable and unbreakable (well, nobody has absolutely no breakage but moisturized hair has much less). After moisturizing, then you have to seal in that moisture for […]