alternative natural hair lines to shea moisture

3 Alternative Natural Hair Lines to Shea Moisture

You’ve heard the news all over. Shea Moisture has sold out those of us with kinkier curl patterns. I’m not surprised really. As most companies grow and try to capture every dollar on the planet, compromises take place. Someone is bound to get sold out. That’s the power of the almighty dollar. It’s sad really. […]

staple hair products

My Laser Focused Hair Product Staples

Over the past 10+ years, my hair has undergone some changes and I’ve had many years of discovery. That’s why I’m scratching my entire list of staples out and revising the list. My Staple Changes I’ve found superior  natural hair products (at least for my hair but I still highly recommend them) that perform well […]

Sacha Inchi Cowash

In Review: Shea Moisture Sacha Inchi Oil Products

Shea Moisture is on a roll with how often they are releasing new products (the most recent being their Sacha Inchi Oil Hair Products. I like that they are always innovating but it can be somewhat overwhelming. The way I fight the overwhelm is to not even bother trying products that don’t pertain to my hair’s needs […]