faux wash and go

How I Achieved a Perfect Faux Wash ‘n Go

Sometimes, when styling your hair the least effort yields the best results So, I hadn’t really planned to write up a big ‘ole post on this bossy little hairstyle that “looks like” a wash and go but so many people loved the results, how could I not share the deets? J So, how did I […]

natural hair

Thoughts on Natural Hair Shrinkage

If you’re a naturally curly girl (especially, kinky curly), then you are quite familiar with this word. Regardless of your hair texture and type, you’re not a foreigner to natural hair shrinkage. I’m always in awe of how versatile natural hair is. We can style our hair in so many ways and sometimes shrinkage is […]

elongate curls

How to Give Your Wash ‘N Go Curls Some “Hang” Time

I have a love-dislike relationship with Wash ‘n Go’s. Why? On the one hand, wash and go’s are pretty. They reveal the beauty of naturally curly hair. They are also considered a low manipulation hairstyle which helps with length retention. On the other hand, wash and go’s usually come with a LOT of shrinkage – […]

how to cocoon curls

Cocoon Curls, Shrinkage and a Length Check

About a month or so ago I saw Whitney aka Naptural85 of YouTube do a video of what she calls cocoon curls on natural hair: Now, I am a total hairstyling fanatic so I couldn’t wait to try this. However, it took me a while because I started the Hairscapades Bun Challenge. While the bun […]