Are You Aware of These Pages? Let’s Navigate

Typically when a blog post is published here on Fine Natural Hair and Faith, if you are subscribed to receive updates, you’ll receive the notification. But… When an article is written on a page (not the same as a post), you won’t receive a notification unless I send out a special email shout out. Why […]

wash and go fine naural hair

How to Achieve The Best Wash ‘N Go on Fine Natural Hair

One of the reasons you went natural was because you wanted to embrace your natural curls. You wanted to rock your naturally curly hair in all of its gloriousness (Cue the harps). Then, when you starting doing the natural girl’s signature hairstyle…The Wash ‘n Go, all didn’t go as planned. Limp noodle spaghetti looking curls. […]

hair planner and journal

A Hot New Hair Planner and Journal for You

I’m sure you know how important it is to develop a healthy hair regimen. Being able to track your goals, hair techniques and the products you use in your hair is part of that. That’s why I’m excited to introduce these hot NEW planners from Just Grow Already. Jen from Just Grow Already created and published a […]

hair tips for all hair types

12 Helpful Hair Tips…Period

Evergreen Hair Care Tips (No Matter Your Type or Texture) Working on improving the state of your hair never gets old. That’s why I have some hair care tips to share with you to help you work toward your hair goals. The best part about these tips is they are always timely and evergreen. That means […]

fine hair care

17 Of My Best Fine Hair Care Tips

At the ripe young age of 46, I’ve finally discovered what my fine natural hair likes and doesn’t like. It’s summarized in the image above (go ahead, pin it) but now, allow me to  expound up each of these fine hair tips in detail (in no particular order): Ditch brushes forever. Seriously, If you want to keep […]