tools for diy hair recipes

7 Must Have Tools for Creating DIY Hair Recipes

There’s nothing like whipping up your very own hair creations. The best part is that you know beyond all doubt what it is that’s inside of your hair products. No need to decipher ingredient labels and your God given creativity levels are able to soar. Being able to create your own DIY hair recipes will […]

hair tips for all hair types

12 Helpful Hair Tips…Period

Evergreen Hair Care Tips (No Matter Your Type or Texture) Working on improving the state of your hair never gets old. That’s why I have some hair care tips to share with you to help you work toward your hair goals. The best part about these tips is they are always timely and evergreen. That means […]

hot head

Hot Head Microwave Cap Review and Giveaway!

Video demo and review of Hot Head Microwaveable Cap. Deep conditioning is your hair’s best friend. The old school method of deep conditioning is to sit under a dryer or heating cap plugged into the wall. The problem with that is it’s so…..restricting! Now, we have Hot Head… Enter the new millennium and now you […]