Analyzing the Key Elements of a Healthy Hair Regimen

A healthy hair regimen can not be put together haphazardly. It has to be developed using techniques that have been proven to foster healthy hair time and again. In this post, we will dissect and analyze the key elements of a healthy hair regimen. These elements make up a productive

My 4 Hair Care Practices Professionals Disapprove Of

Just because someone is a licensed stylist or other hair care professional, doesn’t mean they are all knowing when it comes to every hair type and texture. That statement is not meant to throw shade at hair care professionals – especially those who know their stuff. On the contrary. A

Tips for Maintaining Length on Fine Natural Hair – Part 2

Continuing with sharing tips to maintain length on fine natural hair, now we are going to talk about ┬áthe actual care of your fine tresses. You can read part 1 here. Picking up with the tips… Wash Hair in 6 Sections For my hair at the length it’s at now,