mielle organics edge gel

An Effective Way to Test Out New Hair Gels

Having fine natural hair, it’s easy to lay my edges. Even with the ease of smoothing and laying down my edges, I still carefully choose the gels I use to accomplish the job. Since high manipulation can cause breakage on fine hair, I keep my styling options limited. There’s three types of styles that I […]

twists on fine natural hair

How to Get Long Lasting Twists

Rocking twists for short stints of time is a great way to give your hair a break from manipulation. It’s a low manipulation style that can also be a protective style if you tuck away your ends. There’s many types of products that can be used to “set” your twists: – Curl creams – Hair […]


Twisting Fine Natural Hair – Tips & Tricks

Twists are a low maintenance way to maintain length on natural hair. This is true of all hair types but for those of us with fine natural hair, twists can cause us to lose length versus retaining if not done properly. Imagine you have installed your two strand twists with the hope of retaining every […]

flat twists with roll protective style wash and go

Get the Look: Roll with Flat Twists Protective Style

It’s a major dilemma (OK probably not major) when you’re torn between your favorite go to hair style (for me, it’s the the wash and go) and the commitment to continue with protective styling. I’ve been engaging in protective styling for the past 3 weeks and in keeping with the commitment to share a month’s worth of […]