water waving

Water Waving: Fine Natural Hair

The process of water waving natural hair isn’t a new one. Actually, I never knew it was a thing you do that had a name. I was watching a video by 22nd Century Natural Woman sharing how to transform frizzy natural hair by water waving when I realized, “Hey I do that!” Now, in her […]

braid out on fine natural hair

Braid-Out on Fine Medium Density Natural Hair

Braid outs have never been my forte. What I’ve learned is the products you use to set your braid out coupled with how you braid and remove your braids will determine if your braid out is a success or a failure. Here’s a summary of how I set my hair for the braid out you see featured […]

what is faith

Having Faith in the New Year

New years resolutions. People of the world make them and almost never keep them. “New year. New you.” Yeah, I won’t touch that one. The only sustainable thing you have at your disposal to help you accomplish any of your goals (or resolutions) this year or any year, is what God Almighty provides. Faith. With faith […]

diy edge taming

How To Smooth Your Edges Using Gel Without Breakage

Tamed edges is pretty much a requirement for me. I very rarely leave the house without laying my edges. It doesn’t matter if I’m rocking a protective style or an old wash and go. I always neaten up those hairs that grace the front of my face. Hair product manufacturers know just how much us […]

Curly Bun

One Month of Practical and Easy Protective Styles

The cold weather has been absolutely brutal. Brrrrr! And, while the temps are starting to warm a little bit (a very little bit..except where the weather is bipolar like NY with temps o 20 degrees one day and 60 the next), it’s not quite time to let down your tresses. Protective styling season aint over! […]