using the mane choice products on wash day

Wash Day With The Mane Choice Hair Solution

At the beginning of the year, I shared 10 hair mistakes I would no longer be making from 2017 on. One of those mistakes (at least for me), is using products from too many lines including using a mixture of products from various hair care lines on wash day. One of the natural hair product lines that […]

wash day hacks

10 Easy Hacks for a More Productive Wash Day

Wash day can be like a spa day for your hair but when you have to put in a lot of work to make it productive, wash day then becomes more stressful than enjoyable. Who wants to spend all day doing their hair? (OK I know some ladies don’t mind but most of us raised an eyebrow for sure) The following 10 […]

pre-poo regimen for fine natural hair

3 Ways to PrePoo Fine Hair That Defy Breakage

The Pre-Poo is an essential step of the hair care regimen. When it comes to those of us with fine hair, the pre-poo is not just essential, it’s critical. Some ladies skip it unaware that much like oil therapy, it is the pre-poo that actually helps to protect the hair from breakage while undergoing all […]

scheduling wash day

Good Hair Habit #2 – Schedule a Set Wash Day

Yesterday we talked about our first good hair habit: Find and Use Your Staples. If you missed it, go back and read it to discover why it’s important to have and use staple hair products (this link points to mine). Now that we have our hair products lined up, let’s talk about good hair habit #2: scheduling […]