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Those Who Have Helped My Natural Hair This Year

Toward the end of each year I write a post sharing lessons I learned about my hair throughout the year. This year I decided to share something a little different.

Toward the end of each year I write a post sharing lessons I learned about my hair natural hair throughout the year. (Check out last year’s hair lessons) This year I decided to share something a little different.

While my natural hair and I have been getting acquainted for a little over 10 years, we are just really coming to the point where we relate a lot more easily (Am I the only one that sees my natural hair as a living being apart from myself? LOL)

The process of caring for natural hair can range from being a delight to a daunting task. Discovering what products work best to cleanse, condition, moisturize and style your natural hair can often take some time to figure out. And, then there’s the techniques

I was fully natural for about 6/7 years before I actually discovered how to do more than flat iron it. When I set out to learn how to care for my natural hair, I spent a lot of time on natural hair blogs, watching videos and attending natural hair meet-ups. It’s just about all I did –  Eat, sleep, and breathe natural hair.

It may have seemed excessive to some but I really wanted to learn how to care for my hair – independent of the professionals. In other words, I wanted to eliminate the need for weekly/bi-weekly trips to the hair salon. Besides…the hair salons I was acquainted with didn’t really know how to take care of natural hair. So, my journey began.

Fast forward to 2014 and I believe I have this natural hair thing nailed. Yet, the beautiful thing about having natural hair is the learning never ends. There’s always a new (well, new to the one discovering it) way of styling or improving your hair care that tends to be revealed.

This past year, I began focusing my efforts more on length retention and stimulating hair growth. To accomplish each of these goals I discovered that I needed to tweak how I style my hair on a daily basis as well as the additional efforts I needed to take to grow my hair beyond it’s normal 1/4 inch a month.

I learned a lot from the following ladies and each of them have impacted my journey in a positive way:

Cassandre Beccai

cassandra beccai

Cassandre has beautiful tail bone length, afro textured hair. While our hair types are not the same, the information she’s shared in her videos and webinars have helped me  get past my length plateau. I’m finally inching past bra-strap length in the back and past arm pit length in the front. I felt like I would never pass these lengths but after some tweaks to my regimen (thanks to Cass), my hair is showing promise.

Chime Edwards

Chime Hair Crush

Also known as Hair Crush, Chime has shared many simple hair styles that I’ve been able to incorporate into my regimen so that I would have more variety with styling. Some of the styles are protective and others are low manipulation. Chime’s sophisticated updo’s are a lot to be desired. They look classy and don’t require much.

Curly Proverbz

Curly Hair

Farida aka Curly Proverbz on Youtube shares a lot of herbal methods to care for natural hair.  Shikakai and Amla are natural herbs that I have incorporated into my hair routine to stimulate growth and protect length. Her simple DIY tutorials have helped my hair tremendously.


Michelle Smith
Michelle is a Christian special needs mom residing in the NYC area who shares useful tips to grow and maintain fine natural hair. She's a published author and Creator of Fine Natural Hair and Faith, inspiring others with faith for living along side knowledge on how to care for their "crown."

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