Tips for Healthy Hair: Good Hair Habits Guide

healthy hair tipsA healthy head of hair is truly a gift from God. Every lady may not want long hair but every lady wants healthy hair. That’s why for 10 straight days, I shared practical tips for healthy hair. I like to call them “Good Hair Habits.”
In case you missed the series on good hair habits, you’ll find a link to each one below:

Good Hair Habit #1: Find and Use Your Staples

Good Hair Habit #2: Schedule a Set Wash Day

Good Hair Habit #3Dig Deep Every Week

Good Hair Habit #4: Moisturize and Seal Daily

Good Hair Habit #5: Make a Date with Protein

Good Hair Habit #6: Protective Style 80% of the Time

Good Hair Habit #7: Don’t Give Damage a Free Pass

Good Hair Habit #8Massage Your Scalp

Good Hair Habit #9Review Your Regimen Twice a Year

Good Hair Habit #10: Care for Your Hair from Within

Each of these tips for healthy hair will provide you with simple actions that if made into habits, will give you the beautiful “crown” you desire..

For a full e-book copy of each of the hair habits, you may download it here

NOTE: The 10 Good Hair Habits Guide is a free resource that includes written lessons intended to break down specific habits that lead to hair growth and length retention. With that in mind, this guide is not for everyone because not everyone is looking to achieve the same goals with their hair. The 10 Good Hair Habits Guide is the sole property of Michelle Smith and Fine Natural Hair and Faith.  You may not distribute or copy it without the express written permission of Michelle Smith. For re-distribution information and permission, please email