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Wash Day Chronicles: WEEK 8

This is week 8 of 52 wash days chronicling what I’ll be doing to gain length on my fine natural hair. The goal is still waist length but it will take a little longer due to my recent cut. Subscribe to this blog to be notified when future posts are published.


Products Used

Pre-Poo: Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner + Coconut Oil

Cleanser: KJ Naturals Amla Brahmi Shampoo Bar

Protein Conditioner: DIY Goat’s Milk Conditioner

Deep Conditioner: 22nd Century Natural conditioner

Rinse Out Conditioner: DIY Shikakai & Honey Hair Rinse

Leave In Conditioner: Kinky Curly Knot Today

Sealant and/or Styler: NOW Foods Avocado Oil and Aloe Vera Gel

Tools: Fingers, Spatula, 2 Plastic bowls, Hot Head Conditioning Cap, Plastic cap, Silver Conditioner Cap,

Wash Day Procedure


  1. The day before I washed, I did a repeat pre-poo like last week. I pre-poo’d my fine natural hair in the morning before going to work. Applied coconut oil to a section smoothing it in.
  2. Slept over night and applied TJ’s conditioner and wore hair in a top bun to go to the gym.
  3. Finally washed hair in 4 chunky twists on Saturday using the shampoo bar.
  4. Rinsed hair and applied DIY goat’s milk conditioner, sitting with it under a plastic cap and used the HotHead for 15 minutes. Then rinsed.
  5. Applied 22nd Century Natural deep conditioner, put the silver conditioning cap and the Hot Head back on for about an hour (was busy doing things so didn’t wash it out for a while).
  6. Rinsed hair well with warm water
  7. Poured Shikakai & Honey Hair rinse over hair and let sit for 3 minutes. Rinsed
  8. Split hair in sections and applied to each section in this order before twisting (starting with a braid at the root): Leave in, Oil, Aloe Vera Gel
  9. Ended up with 9 root braided twist
  10. Air dried hair for about 2 hours and then stretched each twist around the head and pinned it down to reduce the shrinkage
  11. Slept with a satin scarf on



Focus & Thoughts

Today’s micro focus was to start incorporating more Indian herbs into my hair care routine.

The shampoo bar got my hair REALLY clean in just one wash. I had a bit of product build up and it was easily removed. My hair did shed more than I was used to and it feel a bit stripped but that stripped feeling usually happens with any product that creates a suds on my hair. Hence my Eden Bodyworks Coconut Cowash and my bentonite clay wash are preferred. Once, my hair was sealed after the leave in, it felt moisturized.

While I love the smell of the 22nd Century Natural conditioner, I don’t think I’ll be using this again when I’m done with it. I feel like the Shea Butter in this product just sits on my hair shaft. When I’m done with this, I’ll be using another deep conditioner recipe using avocado and banana.

I love making my own hair products. Today I had to pull out 2 of my last 4 frozen goat’s milk cubes so that I could give my fine hair a nice dose of protein. I’ll be remaking this in a few weeks.

I also made the Shikakai and Honey hair rinse. This is my first time making this. I saw it shared on Hair Buddha. it’s supposed to give your hair added shine and strength at the roots while also closing the cuticles when used as a final rinse. I can’t make a decision on it yet because I feel like my 22nd Century Natural deep conditioner was throwing things off. I will try it again after using another deep conditioner.

Last off, while I didn’t use any of my henna tea strengthening spray today, I did make a new batch. I added some rosemary and tea tree oil to it this time and will start using it in my hair in a day or so.

After mixing up these herbal treatments for my fine natural hair, I feel pretty accomplished 🙂 Knowing that I am and will be feeding my hair the best this earth has to offer, makes me feel like I will get closer to my goal of waist length a little faster (but not much lol).

I give today’s wash day a 4/5. I was a little disappointed with the amount of shedding my hair did. I’m not sure if it was the Amla in the shampoo bar. I read that some people get increased shedding when using Amla.

I’ll continue using the shampoo bar but if I notice an uptick in shedding, I’ll have to stop.



Michelle Smith
Michelle is a Christian special needs mom residing in the NYC area who shares useful tips to grow and maintain fine natural hair. She's a published author and Creator of Fine Natural Hair and Faith, inspiring others with faith for living along side knowledge on how to care for their "crown."

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