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For the past few months I’ve been wondering what it is that I should be sharing here on this blog (formerly Radiant Brown Beauty). I was writing posts and sharing articles on all topics related to beauty but there was really no focus.

The truth be told, I don’t know about all things beauty and sometimes I felt like I was writing just to be writing. Well, not anymore. This video sheds more light on the changes I’m making (Please watch it first and then continue reading):


Here on Fine Natural Hair and Faith, I will be sharing about two very specific things that I actually have knowledge in. Fine Natural Hair and How I live life by Faith in God and His Word. I’m also walking by faith as it pertains to caring for this fine natural hair ūüôā

So going forward, while I will continue to share my 52 weeks of Wash Day Chronicles, I will no longer be writing about makeup, skin care or fashion. ¬†I will share specifically¬†on the subject of fine natural hair – caring for it, styling it, products to use and how to maintain length. Along side that, I’ll be sharing my testimonies (and trials) of life, resources that help build faith, and specific scriptures that are powerful for your faith walk with God.

God has done some awesome and wonderful things in my life. If you are new here then, you don’t know that I am a special needs mom. Caring for my son diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy is no easy feat but God has shown me and is continuing to show me that to be successful in this area of my life (making it through the tests and trials), I need to be strong in faith. I will share this with you as well.

The new posting schedule will be as follows:

Mondays: Wash Day Chronicles
Wednesdays: Faith Walk, Talk or Resources
Fridays: Fine Natural Hair tips, styling or maintenance

My RSS feed has changed¬†(you can subscribe here) so if you were once subscribed under the Radiant Brown Beauty feed, you’ll need to re-subscribe.¬†I didn’t want to lose anyone that was previously following Radiant Brown Beauty but it appears there aren’t many that actually sub to the feed.

Thank you in advance for your support of Fine Natural Hair and Faith. Here’s looking forward to many articles and videos to help you with your fine natural hair and/or faith for life journey.


Michelle Smith
Michelle is a Christian special needs mom residing in the NYC area who shares useful tips to grow and maintain fine natural hair. She's a published author and Creator of Fine Natural Hair and Faith, inspiring others with faith for living along side knowledge on how to care for their "crown."

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