Coconut Oil Challenge Week 2: Ways to Use Coconut Oil in Hair 34

coconut oil on natural hair

It’s week 2 of the coconut oil challenge and I’m excited to get this challenge rolling! As I mentioned in this post, challenges cause you to focus.  As we incorporate the use of coconut oil into our regular hair care regimens, you’ll notice some of the benefits that coconut oil has for your hair. We’ll talk more about those benefits in the near future.

For now, let’s look at some ways you can use coconut oil in your hair.

My YouTube friend Tia aka Princesa2Ecuahulk has graciously agreed to support the challenge by offering a prize pack to be included as part of the sweepstakes. Check out this video for more details:

Challenge questions:

  1. Are you relaxed or natural?
  2. How did you use coconut oil this past week?
  3. Have you noticed a difference in your hair’s strength or moisture level? 

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34 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Challenge Week 2: Ways to Use Coconut Oil in Hair

  • paulena

    I forgot in the last post I wanted to know your fave ways to use coconut oil. n jus wanna have everybodies support in goin natural I dnt wanna fail this time n u ladies seem so nice n encouraging it b nice to have u all as a support system.

    • Michelle Post author

      i use coconut oil in my pre-poo mainly but also to lubricate my strands several times a week to keep single strand knots (SSKs) at bay

  • paulena

    Coconut oil will always b a holy grail to me my fave way ti use it is as a hot oil pre poo n sealing I could never seal wit anything else it makes my hair so soft that n jbco n its over I use jbco n my scalp n roots only it makes my new growth softer than ever n I will b 32 wks post next sat so with these combos make me feel I can keep going woth this transition c I tried for 14 months before n I gave in and texlaxed but I’m more knowledgeable n have my products now that help me so much n I’m proud to say I’m gonna keep goin not goin bacc this time lolz I will b natural n this challenge is giving me the focus I need lolz sometimes I fall off but challenges r great bcuz u get focused n u really take it serious

    • Michelle Post author

      you said it….focus lol thats what i said about challenges when i first shared the challenge

      you can do it girl! lol my daughter is doing it but struggling with having short hair. its such a process to learn your natural hair but its worth it

  • Jasmynn Lee

    I hope this is the right place to place my comment..I am natural..I use coconut oil to seal my hair after I cowash and add my leave-in..Yes my hair has been very moisurized but I have seen no difference in the strength..

  • Cassandra

    I just BC’d my hair about a week and a half ago. I decided to go natural after a really bad relaxer experience thinned out my hair horribly. I have a TWA now and I am still trying to figure out how to style it :) This week I used coconut oil (mixed with a drop or two of rosemary oil) to massage my scalp. After I was done, I put a bit in the rest of my hair any put a plastic cap on before bed. The next morning my hair felt amazing! I did this three times last week and it is going to be something that I do on a regular basis. I have noticed a significant improvement in my hairs ability to retain moisture.

    • Michelle Post author

      Hi Cassandra- FIrst off kudos to you for being bold enough to do the big chop! Im happy coconut oil is working for you. Rosemary is great too. Ive heard it stimulates hair growth

  • Bethany W

    I am relaxed. This week I used coconut oil to seal my hair and I mixed it in my DC. I’ve noticed that my protein and moisture levels are balanced which is normally hard to achieve with my hair. Also My hair is smoother and feels stronger. :)

  • TraNaturally

    I am six years natural this month! This past week I used coconut oil as a prepoo the night before wash day and I also used it to twist my hair up at night. I’ve been using coconut oil in one way or another almost daily for years now and yes, relative to the chronic dryness I experienced before using it, my hair has definitely seen an improvement in strength and in staying moisturized longer.

  • paulena

    I am transitioning 31 weeks post n I used evco in my dc this week. I noticed a change in my strength n moisture my hair is always soft n moisturized love this stuff sorry I’m late kid job n all but I hope we all r doin great.

  • Violeta V Gill

    I am natural and I used coconut oil as a deep conditioner a few days ago and I only meant to have it in for 2 hours but fell asleep putting my toddler down and washed out the next morning! LOL I did notice my hair felt softer since lately it has been very dry because I dyed the roots last week. I need to try it as a pre-poo now!

    • Michelle Post author

      Yes! I leave coconut oil in for days. It helps your hair maintain moisture and also protects the protein integrity of the hair

  • Mary

    I’ve been natural for about 3 years now. I used coconut oil in my LOC method and noticed that my hair was much softer. I just trimmed my hair last week, so I’m hoping to put coconut oil to the test as far as reducing SSKs.

  • Carla

    I am relaxed. I have incorporated coconut oil in my regimen by making a mixture of coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil to put on my scalp every other night. I also rub coconut oil on my hair in the morning. So far I have noticed a difference in the way my hair feels, it feels healthy and moisturized, it isn’t dry as it tends to be from time to time. definitely loving how my hair is reacting to this new regimen.

    • Michelle Post author

      I’ve found coconut oil best as a pre-poo as well but in the summer I’m able to lubricate my hair with it at night without it getting hard.

      also, not all protein treatments leave your hair hard. it depends on the type of protein..ex: wheat, soy, etc. Depends on the type your hair can handle

      • Carla Mendez

        I did a keratin treatment a few years ago and found that my hair was too thin after, although my stylist insists my hair is healthy now because of it. So I try to avoid heavy protein

  • Fran Scott

    I am natural…almost 4 years now…yeah…..I use coconut oil weekly as a pre-poo and my hair stays moisturized more now than it ever . I have been doing this method for 3 months now and my ssk’s are at a minimum. Coconut oil is great but I am unable to leave it in because it acts like a protein treatment on my hair which results in dry hair.

  • Devonee

    I am natural. This past week, I used coconut oil as a pre-poo and sealant. I have been using coconut oil as a pre-poo and sealant since March. Not too much of a difference, since I already included coconut oil in my regimen. When I first began, I noticed the difference right away, less shedding/breakage. That is why I can’t stop using it.

  • Tamika

    1. currently I am transitioning. last relaxer 2.11.13.

    2. i used c. oil to seal my ends, massage my scalp and with my prepoo treatment.

    3. I haven’t noticed any major difference yet, but I’m still hopeful.

  • Erika

    I am 100% natural. Been natural my entire life so far. I use coconut oil daily as a leave in. Especially since I’m doing more wash and go’s. I use to olive oil but now I use coconut oil and my hair is less dry, brittle at the ends and more Managable at the crown. The crown area can get really tangled and dry for me. I have no clue why the crown area gets that way. Does anybody else have problem with the crown.

    • Michelle Post author

      The crown seems to be the most coarse area on most people’s heads. I have that same issue. I’m a type 3 curly but at the crown its like a 4a. just keep that area very moisturized, careful to apply extra conditioner in that area

  • Gia Norwood

    I am natural. I continue to use coconut as a prepoo and decided to add it to my castor oil as a sealant. I noticed the extra benefit of coconut oil right away with added moisture. I was really surprise when I was able to do a two-strand twist without the use of any curl-defining products. However, I did use my shea butter/coconut/avocado butter mix. That also lead me to challenge myself to forego gels for 30 days.

  • Kathryn Rayford

    I am natural. In 2011 after removing micro braids from my hair I went to a Dominican Hair Salon to have my hair washed pressed and curled. My hair was so badly heat damaged that it began to fall out and break off. I called Hair Shock. It would not revert back to its natural coils. My daughter put corn rows in it for me and for a year as it grew an inch I cut off an inch of the damage. I wore a wig all year. In March if 2012 I had about three inches of natural hair. I learned through YouTube how to take care of my hair. I made oil blends and creams that were good for my hair. I fell in love with my 4 c hair texture and two strand twist and Twistouts.
    Fast forward to 2013. I set a goal this march to grow my hair and retain length. I came across your challenge and added coconut oil as my sealant daily. I wet my hair with a spray mist of diluted conditioner,then I apply a generous amt. of coconut oil and finally I apply my mango twist cream which also contains coconut oil. I did this process every day last week.
    I have noticed that my hair is moist and soft. I have not experienced any SSKs and the shed hair just slides of so easy with the coconut oil. I never heard anyone mention it as a detandler but its great for detangling hair.
    I’m so happy for this challenge. I’m learning to take care of my hair and to be proud that’s it’s healthy and strong.

    • Michelle Post author

      Girl do you live in on near NY? I feel your pain re: the Dominican salons! While I was fortunate enough for my hair not to break off too badly, they used to scald my scalp terribly. I had to give that up. I started caring for my own hair by just flat ironing but then it started to break…thats when I found YouTube as well. Yahhh for YouTube! I have 3c hair with some 3b at the nape and a patch of 4a at the crown. Even with the different textures of hair I’ve discovered most of my info on YT. it’s so helpful to hear the hair stories of others.

      Thank you for joining the challenge

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