Hair Bun Challenge Days 1-7 Pics 4

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One week down. Seven to go! As we enter week 2 of the Hairscapades Bun Challenge, I wanted to share some things I did to keep up with the challenge during the first week as well as some things I plan to do differently going forward. Perhaps some of my styles will inspire you and some of my techniques will help if you’re participating in this bun challenge or another.


  • Bunned hair for 6 days straight.
  • On day 7 (Saturday), During this time, I sported 5 different bun hairstyles that were created from easily transitioning from one to the other. The goal was not to over manipulate my hair but still look like I wore a different style each day:

On Friday, I planned to wash my hair but due to other commitments I was unable so the Vatika oil that I put into my hair on Thursday as a portion of my pre-poo remained on the hair until Friday. As did the same plain bun I threw my hair in on the side of my head secured with a banana clip.

On Day 7 of the challenge (Saturday) I worked my full pre-poo concoction into my hair by separating it into 4 sections so that I could do a little light finger detangling. (See how I pre-poo and finger detangle by clicking the link below) I allowed the pre-poo to sit in my hair for about 2 hours while running various errands.  Afterwards I:

  • Washed with Hair Rules Cleansing Cream (I’m trying to get rid of all the products I don’t plan to repurchase. This is one of them.)
  • Deep conditioned with Butters ‘N Bars Original Conditioning Hair Masque (siting under a hot dryer for 15 minutes)
  • Hopped back in the shower and further detangled
  • Rinsed and applied As I Am Leave in Conditioner (another product I don’t plan to repurchase))
  • Sealed hair with Jojoba Oil
  • Loose two strand twisted hair medium sized twists to prepare for week 2 of the bun challenge

loose two strand twists

Changes I’ll Be Making For The Remainder of The Challenge

What I learned during the first week of the challenge is that it’s best to create a bun that I can leave in over night that requires very little redoing. I can leave the front out to restyle it, creating a new bun. Bunning my hair in this method won’t allow me to create as many styles as I mentioned in the bun challenge kickoff video but will help with length retention and still allow flexibility for styling. However in stead of 40 bun styles, I’ll be limited to about 25.

I’ll continue this technique but another change I’ll be making is before I create each bun, rather than spraying the hair with a mix of conditioner and water, I’ll apply the conditioner directly to the hair without the water.

This method allows the hair to get the required moisture without it getting too wet. When spritzing water, while it’s great for moisturizing your hair, it also causes additional shrinkage which I don’t want for bunning.  I’ll resume the water/condish spritz part of the regimen when I do my Wash and Gos.

For Week 2

Now that my hair is all twisted up, I plan to wear the twists styled in various bun styles.  Because the hair is now twisted, that allows me to create styles with very little manipulation of my original strands. Stay tuned for days 8-14 pics from week 2. They’ll be posted next Monday.

For my complete hair care regiment visit Simplified Curly Hair Care Regimen

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