Hair Bun Challenge – Week 3 Pics 6

It’s week 3 of the Hairscapades Bun Challenge and I have to admit I’m geting real tired of buns LOL

bunned hair

Having so many hairstyling options available to my hair length doesn’t help. I did a Youtube Hairstyling Stalking video a while back and I have soooo many hairstyles I’ve yet to try.

However, I’m sticking with it in the interest of sticking with the bun challenge with the goal of retaining as much length as possible. You’ll notice however that I’m not too interested in styling my buns.

brown beauty gal

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Michelle shares her life of faith in God alongside caring for fine natural hair including styling for length retention.

6 thoughts on “Hair Bun Challenge – Week 3 Pics

    • Michelle Post author

      The only ways buns will ruin your hair is if you put them in too tightly. The hair follicles can be damaged this way. It’s good to protect your hair with buns as long as they are loose enough not to cause tension on the hair follicle.

      as long as you can tuck your ends under, you can do a bun. They have bun makers to help out to make the bun fuller. I think Con Air makes one

  • tiashauntee

    I am so tempted to go back to bunning this entire winter season. It was so easy and didn’t take much time at all. I am trying to challenge myself to do more updo but they can be very time consuming.

    • Michelle Post author

      I agree. I’m just getting a wee bit tired of the bunning! I’ll make it through though. Then I’m going back to wash ‘n go’s for a bit

    • Michelle Post author

      Hi Jennifer-

      Nope I don’t twist at night. I leave it in a loose bun when I don’t have twists already in. I just sleep on a satin pillow case.

      I recently got a locsoc to cover my head when i do have twists and braids in so I’ll be sharing on that soon.

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