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 loose twists

This past week of the bun challenge was not nearly as eventful as week 1 of the bun challenge. You know how it is. Whenever you start something new, you get all into it full steam ahead. Then, you start slacking. At least, that’s how us normal folks do :-)

In the case of styling hair, slacking is probably good  thing because you do much less to your, resulting in less manipulation to style it.

For the past week, my hair was in the loose two strand twists you see pictured above. I managed to bun it 5 of the 7 days but with only 2 styles dominating those days. On the final day of the week, I did a henna treatment and put a few large twists in my hair in order to leave the house while it was continuing to dry.

twists in a bun

Here are the two styles I wore for the week using the loose twists:

styling twists in a bunbun challenge style

WEEK 3 Plans

I don’t plan to remove my large twists right away so I will use them to style my buns at the beginning of the week. Mid-week I’ll remove the twists and do some really basic bunning until wash day rolls around again – either Saturday or Sunday.

Have you been participating in the bun challenge?

If so, share a link to where we can see pics in the comments area!

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