How to Maintain the Neatness of Mini Twists 6

maintaining mini twists

In general, twists and I have a love/hate relationship. I love them because having them in minimizes the amount of manipulation I need to put my hair through to style it. I can also hate them (OK hate is s little too strong a word) because I can never keep them in for a full month like I see other natural heads doing.

The longest I’ve ever kept my hair in mini-twists is two and a half weeks. They must always come out around that time. Since my hair is fine, the twists at the nape of my neck tend to unravel so I always need to frequently re-twist that area.

In spite of needing to re-twist some of my twists in the back of my head and not being able to keep them in for the desired month, I’ve been able to maintain them pretty well for longer than I ever imagined.

In the video below I share how I accomplish that.


How do you maintain mini-twists?

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