Sophisticated Bun Series: Loose Ended Double Bun 6

I just love double buns. Earlier in the series, I did a horizontal figure 8 bun that looks a lot like a double bun.

Today, I’m recreating a traditional double bun but I’m leaving it with loose, exposed ends for a slightly messier look:

protective hairstyle

double bun

Items Used:

  • Satin scrunchy
  • Bobby pins
  • Spray bottle with a mixture of water and conditioner
  • Aloe vera gel
The Technique
I did this style on dry, somewhat dirty hair. To help make the hair more manageable I
  • Spritzed hair with water/conditioner mix
  • Smoothed edges with aloe gel
  • Secured hair into a ponytail with satin scrunchy
  • Created double bun using bobby pins. In order to achieve a fuller bun, I sectioned the ponytail into two and criss crossed vs. wrapping in a chignon first.
  • Pinned each section to create the bun.
brown beauty gal
In case you’ve missed some of the previous buns in the series, here they are:

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Michelle shares her life of faith in God alongside caring for fine natural hair including styling for length retention.

6 thoughts on “Sophisticated Bun Series: Loose Ended Double Bun

  • sunflowernbklyn

    What a unique series. i always wear buns with a banana clip becasue i’m running late and out of steam to create a style but this makes the bun fun. Congrats on the series!

  • Dre Davis

    I am loving this sophisticated bun series. I am practicing doing mine because they either come out too neat or too messy. Variety is what I need, but I want to wear a bun because it’s classy and sleek.

    Thanks for sharing, Michelle :-)
    Dre Davis recently posted..Fab at The Office

    • Michelle Post author

      Thanks Dre. I’m usually the same way. Sometimes I have to do them over LOL to get the look I want. Now, if I could only be a little more creative :-)

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