How to Manage Naturally Curly Hair Turned Straight

Not much has changed with how I daily manage my hair since it’s been straightened via a blow out. For the week that I kept my hair straight, it was almost as straight as if it were relaxed with chemicals. Yet, it still required particular maintenance.

A few weeks back I decided to mix up my own whipped Shea Butter concoction based on Naptural85s video (I omitted the vitamin E and used Jamaican Black Castor Oil vs. regular castor oil):

Vitamin E is great for naturally preserving the product but since I won’t have it long (I made a small batch) I figured I didn’t need it. Plus, Jojoba Oil is naturally infused with Vitamin E so no extra needed.

The plan was to use the whipped Shea Butter on my natural curly hair. Since my hair was straightened shortly after making the mixture I decided to use it on my straight hair.

My initial concern was it may revert my hair back to being curly which I didn’t want. Since I paid 2 different salons to get my hair to the straightened and trimmed state it was in, I decided I may as well get my money’s worth.

whipped shea butter

Surprise surprise. My hair not only loved the stuff while it was straight, it really provided some great moisture to my straightened hair  (without the reversion). I only needed to use a small amount and the moisture seems to be retained for 2 days before I need to reapply.

You may be thinking, “How does she have moisture without water?” OK moisture is the wrong word. I should say that what Shea Butter actually is – an emollient. Emollients soften the hair. My hair was oh so soft.

This Whipped Shea Butter made my straight hair feel soft but it also feels moisturized and not greasy.

Exercising With Straight Hair

Remember I mentioned in “Why I Dislike Straight Hair,” that I was concerned about my hair reverting back to curly when working out? Well, to avoid some of that, I kept my hair one of two ways while exerecising:

  • Split in two and flat twisted on each side. Then, pinned around in a bantu knot on each side. Tied hair down tight with a scarf
  • Pulled hair up to the top of my head in a high ponytail and tied it down tight with a scarf

Wearing a scarf is what’s made the difference in helping my hair not to revert completely back to being curly. I wear a nylon scarf when exercising so that my hair could breath but not be too hot on my head.

When your hair is/was straight, did you care for it differently than when it was curled?

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Michelle shares her life of faith in God alongside caring for fine natural hair including styling for length retention.

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  1. You know me, I put it in a bun and used a little grapeseed oil to “lubricate” every couple of days;).

    Shelli recently posted..TGIF

  2. Ive been saying I need to make up some but I didnt want to use my food blender. I guess I’ll just go to the goodwill and buy a used one. I have a large container of raw shea butter that I want to turn into my own hair pudding :)

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