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I was sick for like 5 days last week but unlike most when I get sick, I can only lay in bed for a day. I have to sit up at some point regardless of how I feel. Otherwise, I feel sicker.

Time to Twist

Well, I got to thinking about how I had been laying on my hair for a good long while giving birth to several single strand knots :-( I knew I couldn’t continue to just lay on my hair unprotected so I washed it (yes, even with a head cold). Then, I decided to twist my hair but not in my regular 7-9 twists. I got the bright idea to do mini twists. Not micro but mini.

The last time I did small twists I said, “No way never again.” It was too time consuming and then I didn’t even leave them in for longer than 4 days.

With the weather cooling I know that if I want to retain my length and continue to grow my hair, I need to start protective styling and minimizing the manipulation I put my hair through.

I figured that if I could twist my hair small enough, they wouldn’t fuzz up as quickly and I would be too lazy to take them down before their life expectancy ended.

Hence, the birth of my mini twists.

mini twist updo

OK I have no clue how many there are but there’s got to be over 50 because it took me 7 hours to do them. Below is a slide show of the various styles I have worn so far. And yes, they are still in :-)

[portfolio_slideshow] Do you rock mini twists? Share a link in the comments section so I can take a peak!

 brown beauty gal

P.S. If you are interested on the deets of how I created any of these styles, hit me up in the comments section below and request it.

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