I ♥ My Naturally Curly Hair! 4

Some may view this post on my curly hair love as one of vanity. But it’s not. OK maybe it is!



These are just some photos my husband took of me a while back one night. My hair had curled up significantly through out the night but didn’t get frizzy. Actually, it was after the Curly Nikki/Optimum Salon Care event. So it’s been some time and my hair has grown significantly since then. I just wanted to share these pics that seemed to have fallen into the “forgotten” pile.

Really though, it’s just sharing appreciation for what God has given me. Hopefully, it will also spark something in you to appreciate some of your own God given features.

My grandmother always used to tell me how pretty I was. I never really believed her.  I was OK as far as I was concerned. Yet, I never really felt like I had any good physical qualities. I always had big feet, no shape (skinny as a rail) and then there’s this gap in my teeth.

As I get older, I’m learning to appreciate what God has given me. I may not love every aspect of me but I have to say I am thankful for the naturally curly head of hair that God has given me. I love it as a matter of fact. That’s curly hair love! Just wanted to share that.

What do you love about yourself? God has blessed you. There’s got to be something!

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