twists on fine hair

How to Prevent Two Strand Twists From Unraveling

Now that the weather is starting to cool a bit, I’ll be protective styling my hair a bit more. One of the ways I like to short term protective style is with two strand twists. Having fine natural hair, I don’t leave my protective styles in very long. Otherwise, my hair would lock up on itself. Setting my hair in medium sized two strand twists for a week or 2 allows me to go about […]

Jesus as Savior

Jesus or Bust

We live in a precarious world. Disease runs rampant like never before. As medical science gains more knowledge, it seems as if there are new diseases popping up that there is no cure for. The stock market is crazy as can be. It’s a gamble to even “play.” You can lose money in the blink of an eye. Forget the stock market. You can lose your job – your entirely livelihood in the blink of […]

wash day chronicles

Wash Day Chronicles Week 34 | Twists Protective Styling

This is a recap of week 34 of  what was to be 52 weeks of wash days chronicling what I’ll be doing to gain length on my fine natural hair. For the sake of low manipulation, I’m going to wash every 2 weeks for a couple of months. I’m still going to keep the mid-week oil rinse as I mentioned in this post on growing my fine hair back. My length goal is waist length within the next 2 1/2 […]