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Light bladder leakage isn’t the sort of thing you talk about openly and publicly right? Especially, not on a beauty blog. Why not?


Beauty isn’t just about how much makeup you put on, how sassy you can style your hair or how absolutely gorgeous you can paint your nails (Can you tell those are the things that I tend to obsess over? :-))

On the contrary; beauty is also about how you feel in the parts that people DON’T see. You know. The feminine parts. You want to feel fresh and smell fresh but if you have an issue like light bladder leakage, all the perfume in the world won’t help you. That’s where Poise comes in.

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Now, I’m going to be a little transparent with you and share something that not many people would willingly talk about in a public forum. Before I do, I want you to know why I’m sharing it.

Women are often competing against each other when what we should be doing is uniting with each other on common concerns. That’s why I have no problem sharing about certain personal issues if the end result is helping someone else. Now, onto my deep dark secret.

I sometimes deal with Light Bladder Leakage. That’s right y’all. There are times when these 44 year old kegel muscles aren’t able to contain what they once used to. If you’re a younger lady reading this and experiencing LBL then you know age isn’t always a factor.

Some Causes of LBL

There are a number of reasons why you may have Light Bladder Leakage or LBL. While I did mention my age, age is not always a factor. Here are some causes of LBL:

– When you have to go #1 (Pee pee. You say it to the kids so don’t act all stunned), if you can’t get to a bathroom immediately sometimes you leak a little. Hey, it happens.

– After a vigorous work out, it’s possible to experience LBL

– Simply laughing or coughing.

– Hormonal changes (ex: Pregnancy)

– Weight gain

A Fresh Way to Deal With LBL

When your bladder isn’t holding itself the way it should, you need something to absorb and neutralize any odor that may result. Poise LBL products are made specifically for that purpose. Now, you could use regular old panty liners if you choose but they don’t absorb as quickly nor are they as effective at neutralizing odor. Poise pads do both immediately and are just as thin.


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poise for lbl

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