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protective styling hair to protect skin

If you engage in protective styling your hair for most of the winter months, one thing you may notice is that your skin is in better condition too.

Now, when I say your skin I’m talking specifically about on your face.

Focusing on keeping your hair protected means you have to protect your ends from being exposed. That’s usually done by wearing your hair in buns, french rolls, or pinned up twists/braids. You can wear your hair under a wig to protective style it but that wouldn’t protect your skin because the loose strands of hair would rub up against it.

When your hair is up and loose hairs are not exposed, they don’t have an opportunity to rub against your face. Your forehead and the sides of your cheeks are usually the most vulnerable to breakouts when you wear your hair loose so it’s protective to your skin when your hair is in a protective state.

During the protective styling phase, you can use this opportunity to pamper your skin as well. There’s one skin care habit that you should already be doing religiously but doing it more often during the colder months helps to pamper your skin too.


The cold weather can be dehydrating to your skin. Since your hair is off of your face already, that’s a great opportunity to slip in extra moisturizing. A great way to do that is to spritz your face with rose water. Melvita Cosmetics’ rose water is refreshing to the skin while simultaneously tightening your pores.

How do you pamper your skin and hair during the cold months of the year?

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3 thoughts on “Protecting The Hair Helps Protect The Skin

  • Rebecca Goodyear

    I’ve started wearing my hair up when I sleep as I was suffering from breakouts along my jawline. They have improved no end!

    I use a natural oil blend to treat my hair in the winter time – depends what I have available but I love coconut, argan and jojoba oils!

    For my face I am currently using Sweetsation Therapy Day and Night Creams and my skin is happy!

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