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Makeup is something that really enhances your beauty. Some women don’t care to wear makeup at all. I’m not one of them :-)


sephora nano yeux eye liner

I rather enjoy using eye liner to “dress up” my face and enhance my eyes. That’s why I was super excited when I saw Sephora’s eye liner shades in the fall colors.

Long gone are the days of just wear a black or brown liner.

Lovely Pigments

After work the other day I stopped in to Sephora to pick up a Nano Yeux eyeliner in Plum 21. How fitting is it that this shade of eyeliner is trending just as we are about to enter the fall season (although I’d wear this color year round)

I loved how smoothly the liner went on to my hand when testing it, I knew I had to have two. Especially, for the meager cost of $5. But what fun is two eye liner in the same color! So, I also snatched up #18 Blue Jean.

blue jean nano eye liner

The blue jean appears on my skin as more of a diluted black which is fine because it will work well when I want a slightly softer look. For those with a lighter complexion, I have no doubt that it would appear more blue.

The plum colored Nano liner is just gorgeous on my skin IMHO :-). The more that’s applied, the more of a dramatic and bold effect can be achieved. I lined my top lid just slightly here.

plum sephora eye liner

Formulation & Effects

Sephora’s Nano Yeux eye liner is formulated with Rosemary Extracts and Shea Butter for easy glide on. This liner is velvety soft. These Nano eye liners can be used to great a subtle or a dramatic look, depending on what you’re going for.

In reading some of the reviews (after the purchase fact) a few people have stated that they didn’t find the liner to glide on smoothly. I somewhat agree. Application is not completely smooth but the pencil is soft on the eye. You just have to apply a little more rigorously.  If you’re looking to create a bold look, it takes extra application but as you can see from my photos, it’s achievable.

Have you tried Sephora Nano Eye Liners? What’s your take on them?

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