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OK this post is really for my girl Shelli from Hairscapades but perhaps you’ll be interested too LOL.

Shelli asked that I share comparison shots from a year ago when I last straightened my hair. I couldn’t find anyway but low and behold, I was able to capture a couple of images from two YouTube videos I did a little over a year ago.

The shots are only from a front view but I think you can see the difference in the length. My hair was above my shoulders then. Now, it’s reaching the bottom of my bra strap in the back.


 straight hair

This is the best I could dig up.  Hope you can see the difference. My hair is a work in progress.  Over the next few months I will trim to test out Chicoro’s Lead Hair Theory which is basically allowing your hair to grow regardless of the condition of your ends until the bulk of your hair reaches your goal length. This is the lead hair.

The longest part of your hair should be no longer than two to four inches of the bulk of your hair (that’s what I’ve got going on currently).

As the hair grows in and meets the area where your longest hair once was, you trim the longest section to meet and continue until all the hair is even….eventually.

I will get my next trim in about 3-4 months. In the meantime I’ll be protective styling my butt off LOL

Have you ever heard of Chicoro’s Lead Hair Theory?

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Michelle shares her life of faith in God alongside caring for fine natural hair including styling for length retention.

13 thoughts on “Straight Hair Comparison Shots

  • Rece

    Look at you! Your hair grew a lot! How come you have so many different lengths? Is that how it grows or was there breakage or a layered cut at some point?

    • Michelle

      Hey Rece, so I mentioned a while back I had a ton of breakage in the crown. It was about 2 inches long when I found the Kim Coles Grow Out Challenge. That’s when I started searching for ways to care for natural hair. I only knew how to flat iron it and the flat iron caused so much damage. I do a little better with blowing the hair straight but I won’t be doing that for a while either.

      My crown grew in a lot but it’s still no where near the length of the bottom. I even had breakage on the sides from the flat iron…the InStyler to be exact and I only used it once a week or once every week and a half when I washed.

      You’ve inspired me though. I’m going to let the lady who trimmed it last time, trim it again! I’m going to let her chop off that bottom layer so that my goal point is only 2 inches longer than the bulk.

  • San Diego LASIK

    I’ve never heard of the Lead Theory, too. But I must say, the differences of your hair after some time is truly remarkable. How many times do you get some treatments for your hair?

    • Michelle Post author

      Thank you. I trim 2x a year professionally and do my protein and moisture treatments monthly and weekly respectively.

    • Michelle Post author

      Hi Jen-

      Everyone’s hair grows at different rates for different reasons. 1/2 inch a month is an average. The key is protecting the hair from breakage which includes myriad of thing such as:

      * Moisture/Protein Balance to prevent breakage
      * Exercise
      * Genetics
      * Lifestyle
      * Proper Nutrition
      * Not abusing the hair with chemicals, heat or accessories.

      If you are aware of these things, your hair WILL grow! (barring illness or medications that may stunt growth).

      Also, keep in mind trimming does NOT grow hair. IT neatens hair ends and helps the hair have a healthy appearance. As you can see, although my ends were straggly, it still grew. The less damage that’s done to hair the more length will be maintained.

      OK I could have written a new article with this reply LOL. Hope it helped though and that I didn’t come off “preachy.” I tend to be that way sometimes.

  • Shelli

    Awwwwww, thanks for sharing Michelle:)!! You rock!! Yeah, your hair has grown a lot!! And, you had a bang back then!! That’s all but gone now, isn’t it??

    Socialite Dreams … are you the same Socialite Dreams on YouTube? If so, that’s so funny because I just shared a guest blog which included your demonstration of the L.O.C. method! The guest blogger put a link for the video, but I pulled and actually embedded the video in the post. If that is you, how serendipitous is that?!?! LOL!!

    Shelli recently posted..The L.O.C. Method

    • Michelle Post author

      yeah it’s gone. I decided I didn’t want it anymore. It’s one of the shorter spots though but it’s catching up quickly. The front always grows fast but you know that’s because we don’t lay on it LOL

    • Michelle Post author

      umm yeah I agree. My hair is very moisturized and I don’t use any chemicals whatsoever in my hair.

    • Michelle Post author

      I read about it a few months ago. I think it’s worth experimenting. I really want my hair thicker

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