modcloth inspired manicure
Every now and again I post something fashion related here on Radiant Brown Beauty. These posts are usually reserved for special occasions. Well, it’s a special occasion! September 14th is my 7 year wedding anniversary (today if you’re reading this post the day it went live). For my special day, I wanted to do a really cute but elegant manicure. To do my nails, of course they had to match my outfit but I also created my manicure to […]

ModCloth Dazzling in the Daytime Inspired Manicure

coconut oil for nail growth 5
I’ve been on a quest to incorporate as many natural products in my personal care as much as possible. My skin and hair care regimen is 95% natural. When it comes to my nail care, everything I use is chemical based. There is non-toxic nail polish available but it still some level of chemicals additive. Even if you wear nail polish, the top coat you use is bound to contain chemicals. Then, there’s the nail […]

The Coconut Oil Nail Experiment

UPDATED With A Video Review! Tell the truth. You never stop trying to improve your appearance. That’s the nature of most women. We want to be beautiful and we’ll do just about anything to achieve it (Remember my post on Celebrity Plastic Surgery?). That’s why beauty products are a billion dollar business. One of the products that women (self included) tend to be interested in to become more beautiful is vitamins. We believe that if […]

Andrew Lessman’s Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamins