If you have straight hair, you’ll love the video I’m about to share because it will transform your straight strands into beautiful cascading curls! It’s one of the best I’ve seen but get this…The video isn’t really a tutorial! It’s more a capturing of how this lady set her natural hair using perm rods. Whatever it is, it’s a tutorial in my book LOL. Her results are FABULOUS. So, who is this lady? Naturally Curious […]

Reshare: Best Perm Rod Curl Tutorial Video

two strand twists 2
In a bit of a rush, after washing my hair yesterday I threw a few large two strand twists into my natural hair. I hadn’t done twists in a while because I’ve been either protective styling or wearing my natural hair out curly. The problem is I have incurred a lot of tangling which led to long finger detangling sessions. Argh! So, I decided to return to two strand twists. Why? Well, my hair seems […]

3 Ways to Style Large Two Strand Twists

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Last week I saw a video tutorial by MsRosieVelt on YouTube that was the classiest protective style. It can be worn to formal events, work or just because. I put my own spin on the style as you can see in my picture above but here’s the original tutorial: What I did differently was instead of creating a roll in the back, I created a giant twist that sits lower down on the head. I […]

Classy Protective Style for Any Occasion

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A reader inquired about a recommended serum to use for her two strand twists. As our conversation progressed, I realized I had a lot to say on the topic due to a lot of trial and error experiences of own so this post was born. *************************************************************** Having fine hair is one thing. Having a naturally loose curl pattern is another. The looser your curl pattern, the more apt your two strand twists are to unravel. […]

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Two Strand Twists