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Tami Roman and Curls by Roman

About a month ago, I purchased Tami Roman’s (from Basketball Wives) new weave line at the Circle of Sisters Expo in New York. My teenage daughter prefers to wear weave so when we saw Tami’s billboard advertising the new weave line, we were quite curious. The name of this weave line alone caught my attention: Curls by Roman from Creme De La Creme Hair.

After taking the hair home, I realized this hair weave had more Tami in it than I thought. The individual package was labeled, “Bad Bitch Bohemian.”

Moving right along….

The Manufacturer’s Statement:

“Get bouncy and energetic with our kinky curls. It’s a completely organic “au naturale” look, like you’ve been growing your hair out for years.

Make a statement with this unique and vibrant style. The deep wave pattern looks very natural and allows you to create a fabulous deep wavy hairstyle or brush through for a natural afro inspired style.

This hair is truly virgin Indian hair that has been steam permed to artificially create the lovely curl pattern. It’s meant to be work as-is.

The steaming process is completely chemical free, water is used to steam the hair into shape and guarantees natural fullness, luster, and remarkable usability. It can be washed, or blow dried regularly. Each Curls by Roman selection will have the exact same curl pattern and is reusable for up to a year.”

bad bitch bohemian curls by roman

Pic of my daughter after one week with the hair in

Pros of Curls by Roman

My daughter has had this hair in her head for a little over a month. I hate to do this because I realize that Tami is not manufacturing this hair herself but I can’t find one pro that would make me want to buy this hair for my daughter again.

Cons of Curls by Roman

While I do agree that the hair is full and the curls are vibrant and pretty when you FIRST buy the pack, it’s all downhill from there.

I was sold this hair with the assurance that it would not shed. Either they lied or didn’t know. Either way, the ends of the hair got raggedy quickly and the loose ends have to constantly be pulled out.

This is the WORST hair I’ve ever seen. The ends are crunchy and no amount of conditioner or product has helped. The hair is fuzzy and sheds a lot.

Will it last a year? I don’t think so based on the raggedy ends that have to constantly either be pulled out or trimmed.

This hair is also very pricey. $120 to start with increases of $10 for every 2 inches. That’s crazy. When my daughter purchased her Remy hair right in the ‘hood, she payed $80 for 16 inches of hair and it never really got raggedy.

These Bad Bitch Bohemian curls seem to fall short – literally and figuratively. Below are pics of my daughter’s hair only a little over a month later. We tried to refresh the hair with a little water and conditioner. We were told the hair would return to soft springy spirals. Not!

Curls By Roman Weave Review

Notice the lack in definition

Tami Roman Bad Bitch Bohemian Weave Review

It's a fuzzy mess

Curls by Tami Roman weave

It's mighty crunchy!

Who This Hair Is For

Should you purchase this weave line from Tami Roman? When my daughter first got it my response would have been “Depends.”Now, I can’t confidently recommend this line to anyone.  The hair is just awful.

In the morning when my daughter wakes up, she even tried refreshing the curls with a little conditioner and water as the salesperson suggested. The hair barely perked up.

Hind site is 20-20 but now that I think about it, the Classy Candy Girl style may have been better. It’s more of an S-curl pattern. I’m leery now.  I’ve never felt hair that was so crunchy on the ends……other than on a doll that’s been sitting in a toy box for months.

brown beauty gal

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9 thoughts on “Weave Wearers: Is The Tami Roman Line for You?

  • Seleema

    Hi Michelle! Very insightful. I get weaves done at the most twice a year and I don’t see myself getting this one anytime soon. Maybe if they improve it dramatically. I actually like Tammy’s personality when she’s not drunk lol. How are you?
    Seleema recently posted..Getting to Consistency

    • Michelle Post author

      LOL no you didn’t say when she’s not drunk. She was actually really nice in person.
      My daughter just bought some new hair yesterday so she can get it done for her birthday.

      And thank you. She’s my only girl so I take pride in having her :-)

    • Michelle Post author

      See why I don’t wear weave now ? :-) I will work with what God gave me. On a good note, while she’s wearing weave she’s decided to go natural. Yahhhh!

      • Shelli

        I know, you said that! And, I remember when you first joined the NC.com GOC you saying that she didn’t want to hear anything about going natural! I swear, it really is a movement;). Once woman really see how gorgeous natural hair can be … I think they get the itch;).
        Shelli recently posted..Big Hair and Ties

        • Michelle Post author

          She’s still fighting with me though. Just yesterday she says she wants to relax the top of her hair so that when she puts the weave, it’s straight. huh?

          i had rained and her hair that was exposed curled up some but it actually looked really nice. i’m trying to get her to see that. Boy, do I have a job. That’s why I need us to go to DC LOL. I need some natural hair reinforcement!

  • Miss. Leah

    Ugh Never never never!! Tami personality is enough to deter me from EVER buying her products. Her crude behavior on television is obviously displayed in her crunchy hair! Eww lol gross…

    • Michelle Post author

      lol Leah how harsh. Funny though. In person she seemed really down to earth. She actually looks much more attractive in person too

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