Zizyphus Revisited

zizyphus hairtwists are starting to get a little fuller

A while back I shared with you a new herbal hair find…Zizyphus. Without being too repetitive, Zizyphus is an herb that can be used to thicken up hair and protect it from over exposure to water and damaging hair products such as shampoo. It was also used in ancient times to cleanse the hair before there was shampoo.

What I Did Differently

Today I wanted to share with you a couple of things when it comes to using Zizyphus that I didn’t realize the first time around. For starters, Zizyphus should really be applied to dry hair.

Normally, when I’m applying an herbal regimen such as hair, I apply it to damp hair. So, intuitively that’s what I did when applying the Zizyphus the first time. Then I realized, “How is Zizyphus supposed to protect my hair from water and shampoo if I wash it first?” Duh, I used it backwards.

Now, that’s not to say Zizyphus won’t be effective in thickening the hairs and plumping them up if you wash your hair first. Case in point, my first Zizyphus treatment. However, if you want to use this herbal treatment to protect your hair, it would make sense to apply it to dry hair before anything else.

zizyphus on dry hair

zizyphus on back of hair

Notice I did not apply the Zizyphus to my roots. I did that on purpose. The reason being that I am looking to plump my hair shaft but not at the root area.  I would actually like to keep my roots loosened – the effect I get when using Henna.

Here are some other things  I did differently:

  • I only mixed 50 grams of Zizyphus which is more than enough for SL (shoulder length) to AL (arm pit length) hair. Last time I mixed the whole 100 gram packet and had to refrigerate about half of that.  This time I had just enough to treat the area I wanted.
  • I applied a moisturizing protein-free deep conditioner (As I Am Naturally Hydration Elation Intensive Conditioner) for . Last time I didn’t use a deep conditioner.
  • I applied the As I Am Naturally LIC (Leave In Conditioner) as well. The goal was to see how it would be to use the conditioners together.
Thus far, Zizyphus is still a keeper for me (Yes, even though it’s like conducting brain surgery to wash out). Heck, I bought 300 grams of the stuff. That’s enough for 6 treatments.
I’m also about due for a henna treatment too so I’ll be following up with another Zizyphus treatment right after to see what the results will be like after henna loosens my strands.

Michelle Smith
Michelle is a Christian special needs mom residing in the NYC area who shares useful tips to grow and maintain fine natural hair. She's a published author and Creator of Fine Natural Hair and Faith, inspiring others with faith for living along side knowledge on how to care for their "crown."

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