5 Affordable (or Free) Essentials to Create a God “Space” Right Now

Last updated on November 10th, 2023 at 06:47 am

portable war room

Spending time with God and in His Word is the most important thing we can do in life….right after accepting Jesus as your Savior.

One of the common problems with most people is we don’t have a “God space.” This isn’t usually a problem for Christians who own their own homes but for those who live in small spaces like myself, a place for spending private time with the Lord is difficult to find.

In one of the Facebook groups I’m in, a lady shared the idea of having a portable “War Room,” your “God space.” The items shared below can help you to create one of your own. A Bible is not listed because it’s a given but there is a digital option listed.

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Christian Planner

The Christian Planner is a versatile life planner created by a Christian veteran. It allows you to not only manage your daily life but also to help you to focus on God. It contains space for you to create a vision board and to jot down weekly sermon notes. There’s bible verses on every page to encourage you. It’s available in 7 (God’s number of completion) colors. www.christianplanner.com

christian planner

YouVersion Devotional (free and digital)

There are so many reading plans available covering every topic known to mankind. You’ll also find that YouVersion offers a number of Bible versions that allow you to easily navigate through the Bible. This will definitely take up very little space when creating your God space. If you read 3 or 4 versions of the physical Bible, that’s 3 or 4 separate books that take up lots of space.

I regularly read the Bible on YouVersion and almost never use my physical Bible. However, I realize that some will never part with the physical book – and you shouldn’t have to. YouVersion can also be used as a companion to it. It’s available to Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows users alike.

A Notebook

When God speaks either to your spirit or from off the pages of His Word in the Holy Bible, you’ll want a notebook to take notes of all He’s said to you. Your notebook is also handy for writing down thoughts or questions you may want to do further study on. If you choose to get the Christian Planner I use, there’s space for note taking as well.

notes for God

FriXion Erasable Gel Pens

Even if you aren’t a visual person, you’ll find it very helpful to have colored pens that are also erasable on hand.

These are available at stores like Target or Walmart but I find it difficult to find them there. They seem to sell out quickly or the space is so unorganized in the store, I can’t find them. I just hated having to weed through clutter. How about you? That’s why I’m so thankful you can get these pens on Amazon: Pilot FriXion Clicker Retractable Erasable Gel Pens

Prayer Shawl

Many types of prayer shawls are available but the two I recommend are:
Prayer Shawl with the Names of God in Hebrew/English

When you have visually before you, the Names of God, you can pray all that God is and can be to you at any given time. I was gifted this shawl many years ago and it has served as a source of comfort in prayer over the years.

– Prayer Shawl with the Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s prayer is a model for prayer. We need not pray it word for word but instead we should use it as a pattern for coming before the Lord to pray. Here’s a great article that explains it all: The Lord’s Prayer Guide

I hope you find this helpful in creating your own God space.

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