Christian Goal Setting Planner: A Guide to Spiritual Growth

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it can be easy to lose sight of our spiritual journeys here on earth. If you are a Christian woman seeking a more purposeful life aligned with God’s will, integrating spiritual growth into our routine becomes paramount. That’s why I created an all-new Jesus-Centered Planner. It’s called The Spiritual Growth with Jesus planner and it’s a Christian goal setting planner designed to guide you on a path of deeper connection with Jesus Christ.

christian goal setting planner

What Are Spiritual Goals

Spiritual goals are objectives that want to achieve that are linked to growing in your faith in God and life as a Believer. Others may say you can have spiritual goals and not be a Christian but I beg to differ. How can you have any spirituality without THE Spirit of all spirits? Let that marinate.

In the world, we often hear about goal setting. It usually goes something like:

  • Clearly define your goals
  • Make your goals specific
  • Your goals should be measurable
  • They should also be achievable
  • And, realistic
  • Lastly, time bound

These are all part of the guideline to goal setting acronym S.M.A.R.T.

While this is a great framework for goal setting, it doesn’t include God anywhere. It’s all based on self…”What I can do” and “What I can achieve.”

Of course, you are a part of your spiritual goal setting process but the Holy Spirit needs to be your guide.

We as humans will try to do it all and we can’t. So, let the Holy Spirit guide you in what goals to focus on. It may only be one goal at a time and it may last longer than you would plan for yourself. However, He knows best so let Him lead.

Christian faith goal setting

Setting Godly Goals

The foundation of this Christian goal setting planner lies in how it aids you in setting God-given goals. It provides a dedicated space to outline your aspirations, both big and small, and helps you align them with your faith.

As Christian women, it’s essential to recognize that our purpose comes from God, and this Jesus-Centered Planner serves as a tangible means to grow in His plan for our lives.

There’s a dedicated section for you to set new goals along with ideas for the nine key spiritual growth activities (Christian goals) you should focus on. These are very helpful for when you are making life assessments or working on vision board planning and need some guidance.

Spiritual Growth Activity Trackers

spiritual growth trackers
A companion to these spiritual growth activity trackers are cue cards for the spiritual growth activities to develop

The weekly layout of the planner allows you to break down your larger goals into manageable steps. With designated sections for weekly action plans that include your spiritual growth activities (including and habit trackers, you can monitor your progress and cultivate positive habits that contribute to your spiritual growth.

Whether it’s dedicating time to daily Bible study, prayer, or acts of kindness, this planner encourages consistency in nurturing your relationship with God.

Scripture Integration

Immersing yourself in the Word of God is key to your spiritual growth. The templates included in this planner will help you to study Bible verses strategically. There’s a template for scripture study that you can use in your own quiet time. There’s also a template for verse mapping. You can use this template to pick apart and dive deeper into weekly verses that you come across at church when taking sermon notes or in your own course of study.

Integrating scripture into your daily routine fosters a deeper understanding of His teachings and reinforces your commitment to a purposeful life.

Prayer Time and Holy Spirit Guidance

The Jesus-Centered Planner understands the importance of prayer in a Christian woman’s life. With a dedicated section for prayer time, you can express gratitude, seek guidance, and build a stronger connection with God. The Holy Spirit is your constant companion, and this planner serves as a vessel to invite His guidance into your goal setting and daily activities.

The template is strategically designed for you to capture your living prayers… What you have to say to God and recording what He says back to you.

A Hope Planner

christian goal setting planner

The Spiritual Growth with Jesus Christian goal setting planner isn’t just a tool for goal setting; it’s a companion to your Christian journey that sparks hope and faith. You can use it as a daily and a weekly planner to help you build spiritual disciples. This planner will help you to foster a sense of hope and optimism in your spiritual journey toward your God-given purpose on this earth.

Inside this Christian goal setting planner, you’ll find that it:

  • Contains pages to prayer journal
  • Offers you two styles of templates for Bible study (a Verse Mapping Template and a Scripture study template – similar but different in their own right)
  • Is a devotional planner as well with two beautiful designed daily spiritual growth pages (your Christ centered daily planner) with space for you to:
    • capture scripture readings from a Bible reading plan or other devotional
    • Bible words you want to focus on
    • establish prayer points
    • a verse you want to map out
    • set weekly spiritual goals
    • create daily confessions
    • record your mindset for the day
    • express gratitude
    • set goals for the day (big spiritual goals)
    • determine one big faith move you want to complete
    • capture what you are studying that day.
  • Has multiple pages focused on strengthening your spiritual growth with various activity trackers and
  • Holds words of wisdom from several people of faith like the late Dr. Charles Stanley and Lisa Terkeurst

Upon purchase, you’ll receive an immediate 21-page digital file that you can store, print and use again and again. You can also use this devotional Christian planner in an app like Good Notes where you can write directly on it digitally.

spiritual growth planner

In Conclusion

In the quest for spiritual growth, this Jesus-Centered Christian Planner emerges as the perfect companion for Christian women. It seamlessly blends practical goal-setting features with the richness of focusing on scripture, creating a holistic approach to nurturing your relationship with Jesus Christ.

With its emphasis on weekly action plans, goal habit trackers, and a purposeful life, this Christian goal setting planner becomes a guiding light on your journey towards a more profound and fulfilling spiritual life.

Explore the Spiritual Growth with Jesus Planner here

goal setting planner for Christians

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